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How many pages are there in a 32bit machine (assume frame size of 4KB)?

Answer: 2^32 address / 2^12 = 2^20 pages.

Remember that 2^10 is 1024, so 2^20 is a bit more than one million.

For a 64 bit machine, 2^64 / 2^12 = 2^52, which is roughly 10^15 pages.

On a 32 bit machine with 2KB pages and 4 Byte entries, how big would a single layered Page Table have to be to address all of the physical memory? Explain?

Multi Leveled Page Table

Page Table Division

Faults in our Page Tables

What is the difference between a page fault and a seg. fault?

What is a TLB? What is an MMU?

MMU Pictures


Be Careful About Your Bitshifting!

Byte Extending